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How Biotin Benefits the Skin and Nails

Biotin is one of the go-to supplements for improving hair health, including minimizing hair loss and thinning. Yet did you know that biotin has also been shown to benefit the skin and nails? Here’s what you need to know about biotin and how it can help you achieve enviable skin and nails.

What Is Biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a water-soluble B vitamin that is sometimes referred to as vitamin H. This is a vitamin that naturally occurs in many different foods, including legumes like peas, soy, and lentils; nuts and seeds; and meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products. Biotin is also created by intestinal bacteria.

Biotin has many different roles in the body, including assisting in the process of converting sugars, fat, and proteins into energy that the body can use. Those with a biotin deficiency are likely to experience symptoms such as brittle nails and even skin rashes.

If you want to give your skin and nails a boost, keep reading to learn how biotin may be a supplement you’ll want to add to your daily regimen.

Top Biotin Skin Benefits

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Biotin plays a role in healthy, clear skin. This is because certain enzymes rely on it in order to function properly. Biotin is also needed for energy production, and it helps the body create fatty acids that nourish the skin.

People who are deficient in biotin are more likely to experience scaly, red skin. Biotin has also been shown to significantly help those who have been diagnosed with psoriasis. The vitamin may also lessen the risk of rashes, cracking skin on the sides of the mouth, and cradle cap.

With a lack of the vitamin, there’s an increased risk that the protective outer layer of skin is dry, dehydrated, and unbalanced. When this layer of skin is unbalanced, the production of new cells, along with proper oil gland function, is impacted.

Can Biotin Cause Breakouts?

You may have heard or read about how biotin can cause breakouts, but studies have found that biotin itself doesn’t cause acne. It all boils down to how your body absorbs it along with other types of vitamins.

Biotin can prevent your body from absorbing other nutrients that typically help to battle against breakouts, acne, and other skin conditions. Specifically, biotin can negatively interfere with the absorption of vitamin B5, found in most vegetables and mushrooms.

A vitamin B5 deficiency does increase the risks of a breakout, which could be why some people experience blemishes.

How Biotin Benefits the Nails

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Aside from healthy skin, biotin also offers many benefits for nails. Your nails say a lot about your health. For example, those who have a biotin or some other vitamin deficiency are more likely to experience:

  • Brittle nails
  • Fingernail splitting
  • Thin nail plates

So, if you have fraile, weak nails, a biotin supplement could help. In fact, a recent study found that 91% of participants experienced healthy, strong nails after supplementing with biotin. Both women and men who take biotin are less likely to experience weak, brittle nails that are prone to breaking and splitting.

Biotin can also benefit chronic nail-biters, who are more likely to experience brittle nails that break very easily.

Side Effects of Biotin

The good news is that there are little to no side effects of taking biotin. In fact, you can safely supplement with biotin, even if you aren’t deficient in the vitamin. Currently, there is no set Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for biotin. People who are 25 and older should take at least 30 micrograms a day.

The most notable side effect to be aware of when supplementing with biotin is the risk of a B5 deficiency. Excess biotin decreases the absorption of B5 in the intestines, which could cause cystic acne.

Other potential side effects of over-supplementation of biotin include nausea, frequent urination, cramps, and elevated blood sugar levels.

Use Biotin Supplements from Mericon Industries

Tired of brittle nails that break and crack? Want healthier, glowing skin that makes you feel happy and confident? If so, a biotin supplement may be exactly what you need.

The benefits of biotin are especially important for those who suffer from thinning hair, thin nails, or dry, scaly skin. While there are dozens of biotin supplements on the market, not all of them are made equally.

Most supplements, such as multivitamins, contain a limited amount of biotin that is combined with other B vitamins. Meribin from Mericon Industries is made with a pure high-potency form of biotin that can benefit the hair, skin, and nails.

Each Meribin capsule contains 5 mg of biotin, 146 mg of calcium, and 113 mg of phosphorus. To learn more or to place an order, be sure to look through our website.

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