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One of the Top Vitamin and Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

Mericon Industries has served as one of the top vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturers since 1951. We offer Vitamin B7 for healthier nails and skin, calcium flouride to strengthen bones and supplements for respiratory health. Also, we provide supplements for osteoporosis treatment and products like Viactiv and Reviva for bone and skin health. Additionally, we even produce our own private label supplements that offer our business partners a chance to increase profits. So, trust one of the leaders in vitamins and nutritional supplements today to improve your health. Call Mericon Industries today at 1-800-242-6464 or shop online for vitamins and nutritional supplements you need.

Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers That Provide Contract Work

Mericon Industries is one of the leading nutritional supplement manufacturers that also does contract work. Therefore, let us know if you are a marketing company that needs us to make and ship a product anywhere in the world. We can produce prescription and nonprescription drugs, vitamins and nutritional supplements. In fact, our 20,000-square foot facility allows us to make tablets, capsules and lotions. Furthermore, we are listed and inspected by the FDA and hold an ANDA for hydrocortisone lotion at 1% and .5%. We also have supplied products for investigational use under an IND for research centers nationwide. Trust Mericon Industries with your contract manufacturing needs today.

Shop from One of the Best Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers Today

Mericon Industries has established a reputation as one of the best nutritional supplement manufacturers since 1951. When you need to improve your nail, skin, hair or bone health, choose our quality products. In order to get the vitamins and nutritional supplements you need, shop online, call us at 1-800-242-6464 or send us a message online. We are proud of our facility located at Pioneer Industrial Park on the north side of Peoria IL. Our excellent manufacturing plant allows us to produce the quality products we invite you to research online.

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