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Treatment for osteoporosis usually consists of some combination of medication and supplements with dietary and lifestyle changes. Osteoporosis is characterized by brittle bones that become weakened as we age. Problem is, they can easily break, affecting the spine, wrist and hips most commonly. Because bone is living tissue, it’s important to take care of your bones and do what you can to make them stronger. While this disease affects men and women, it’s much more common in females. Your doctor may likely prescribe you medication and dietary supplements such as calcium and fluoride to offset the effects of this disease. Turn to Mericon Industries for trusted osteoporosis treatment today.


Treatment Options

The most common osteoporosis medication is bisphosphonates, which help prevent or slow down bone thinning. Also known as bone hardening or bone strengthening treatments, they also add higher levels of calcium to the blood. Hormone treatments such as estrogen are also a common treatment. Here are some other ways to control the effects of osteoporosis:

  • Exercise: Specifically, weight-bearing physical activity will improve balance and posture, as well as strengthen bones and reduce the possibility of fracture.
  • Good nutrition: A healthy, well-rounded diet will ensure you ingest enough calcium and vitamin D, which are both essential for strong bones. Milk, yogurt, cheese, kale, broccoli and almonds are all good choices.
  • Stop smoking and limit alcohol: Smoking actually speeds up bone loss. Limit alcohol to one glass a day in order to stay aware in your surroundings and be safe.



Mericon Industries, in business for more than 70 years, is your source for prescription and nonprescription drugs as well as dietary supplements. Located in Pioneer Industrial Park on Peoria’s north side, we manufacture our products in a 20,000 square-foot facility.


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