Meribin Capsules: High-Potency 5 mg Biotin (120 Count) Back in Stock


Potential benefits include:
  • Skin and nail health
  • Improved metabolism regulation
  • Prevention of hair loss
  • Lessening of rashes
  • Mood regulation


A once daily capsule providing 5 mg of biotin, 146 mg of calcium, and 113 mg of phosphorus.

What Is Meribin?

Meribin is a dietary supplement that provides high potency biotin in a safe and effective form. Biotin is a water soluble coenzyme B-vitamin, sometimes known as vitamin H. This natural substance is also found in food sources like raw eggs or salmon, and is considered essential to healthy skin and nails, as well as supporting metabolism and cellular functions.1

Many people across the country use Meribin to provide a steady, high level of pure biotin to support their health and wellness. This formulation provides 5 mg of biotin which is readily absorbed and available to support essential digestive, connective tissue, neurologic, and metabolic functions.

The Health Benefits of Biotin

A representation of the huge amount of food and nutrition that Meribin (Biotin) supplements for your body (such as eggs, nuts, fishes, and vegetables).One of the benefits of using a biotin supplement is to avoid a deficiency of this important nutrient. While a biotin deficiency is rare, it can occur due to a limited diet or disease. Some of the symptoms of a biotin deficiency include:

  • Thinning hair and progressive hair loss
  • Brittle nails
  • A scaly red rash on the face
  • Problems with the nervous system, including depression, fatigue, or seizures1


A high potency biotin supplement may be recommended by a medical professional for pregnant women, individuals with a diet that excludes meat and dairy, or for those with certain medical conditions. Studies suggest that biotin is essential to key enzymes involved in the metabolism of  fatty acids and amino acids.2 Because excess biotin is naturally excreted by the body, many people use a high potency biotin supplement to make sure their levels are always adequate.

High Potency Meribin from Mericon Industries

Because the body processes excess biotin naturally, there is not an established RDA (recommended daily allowance) for biotin, instead health professionals have set adequate intake (AI) guidelines.3 For those who are concerned they are not consuming enough biotin in their daily diet, or who have medical conditions that may lower their biotin levels, daily biotin supplements can be a useful addition.

While many supplements provide a limited amount of biotin in combination with other B vitamins, Meribin from Mericon Industries is a pure and high potency alternative providing more biotin health benefits than other brands. Meribin is produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Peoria, IL. Mericon has been providing our customers with quality supplements and medications since 1951.

Our mission at Mericon Industries is to provide the highest quality, safe, and effective dietary supplements that support wellness and healing, made right here in the USA. You can place your order here or contact us for more information about our Meribin, or any of our products and how they support your whole body health.

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