Supplements for Respiratory Health

We Have Supplements for Respiratory Health

If you suffer from respiratory health issues, you may need supplements to help you get healthy again. In addition to a balanced diet and exercise, you may decide to take supplements for respiratory health in your daily life. Many of us take for granted that we can breathe easy. But millions of kids and adults in this country can’t even take a deep breath without a struggle. There are increased environmental toxins and other irritants in the air we breathe, so it’s no secret that so many people experience poor lung and respiratory health. Mericon Industries has the supplements for respiratory health that you need to function.

When you have an unhealthy respiratory system, our bodies fail to get oxygen – the most important nutrient of all. As a result, organs and tissues can’t function right, putting people at risk for secondary health issues and weak immune systems that can lead to sickness. The respiratory system includes the airways, the lungs, blood vessels, and muscles that all work together to enable and control breathing. Sometimes it can be helpful to ingest extra nutrients, vitamins and supplements that can boost your immune system and thus respiratory health.


Maintain Lung Health

Here are some tips for maintaining good respiratory health:

  • Take antioxidant vitamins, minerals and supplements.
  • Increase daily intake of foods with carotenes, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and leafy greens.
  • Get regular exercise to improve stamina.
  • Maintain a normal weight.
  • Avoid exposure to air pollution.
  • Get an annual flu shot.



Mericon Industries, in business for more than 70 years, is the top destination in the area for trusted prescription and nonprescription drugs as well as dietary supplements. Located in Pioneer Industrial Park on Peoria’s north side, we manufacture our products in a 20,000 square-foot facility for your convenience.


Contact Mericon Industries for Supplements for Respiratory Health

To learn more about the supplements for respiratory health that we sell, call Mericon Industries at 800-242-6464 or complete our convenient online form for more information.

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