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For calcium that’s essential to bone strength, you need certain minerals to thrive. Perhaps you’ve been told about Viactiv, a calcium supplement chew that keeps your body strong with important nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K. While we don’t sell Viactiv here at Mericon Industries, founded in 1951, we do sell comparable tablets and capsules that achieve the same results. Specializing in dietary supplements, we are your source for OTC prescription and non-prescription medications. Our Viactiv-comparable supplements are ideal for our older customers who have a hard time eating and chewing those large calcium chocolate or caramel chews. We know how big they can be, especially if you have a bad gag reflex. Our calcium tabs and capsules are easy to swallow.


Essential Nutrients for Bone Health

Our Viactiv-comparable supplements contain three essential minerals: calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K. Here are the benefits of each.

  • Calcium: This is essential for the health of your teeth, skin, and bones. It results in better elasticity of the skin, healthy enamel, and strong teeth and bones. It’s especially beneficial to older women who may suffer from osteoporosis, which causes bones, particularly in the spine, wrists, and hips, to become brittle. For example, we sell calcium fluoride, available in capsule form in 100 and 500 count.
  • Vitamin D: Regulates calcium and the maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood, two important factors in maintaining healthy bones.
  • Vitamin K: An essential nutrient that helps respond to injuries, vitamin K regulates normal blood clotting and helps transport calcium throughout the body. It has shown benefits in reducing bone loss as well as decreasing the risk of bone fracture.

Our calcium tables are a great way to combat osteoporosis, a disease that affects 20 million American women. We recommend this supplement for older females who are post-menopausal. Talk to your doctor first before taking any supplements.


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