Florical Capsules (500 Count)


Potential benefits include:
  • Prevention and remediation of otosclerosis
  • Prevention and remediation of osteoporosis
  • Bone health
  • Teeth and gum health

Florical is a once daily dietary supplement capsule containing 145 mg oyster shell calcium and 3.75 mg fluoride.

What Is Florical?

Florical capsules are a combination of calcium carbonate from oyster shells and sodium fluoride. It is also available in tablet form, and is considered a safe and effective dietary supplement providing these essential nutrients. As with any dietary supplement, you should seek medical advice to determine if a calcium fluoride supplement would be beneficial to your health.

What Are the Benefits of Florical?

An older couple exercising and staying healthy thanks to the effects of florical capsules.

The combination of nutrients in Florical capsules is intended to support bone health, especially as we age. By providing an additional source of calcium and fluoride, studies suggest that Florical tablets and capsules:

  • Support healthy levels of calcium and fluoride in the body
  • May help with symptoms of bone loss caused by normal aging or low calcium levels
  • May help with symptoms of inner ear problems which can include ringing in the ears or loss of balance.1,2,3


While studies continue to research the benefits of Florical calcium fluoride supplements and they may be recommended by your doctor if you have certain conditions, Florical is not a medication but a dietary supplement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and Florical capsules are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.

Recommended Usage Guidelines for Florical

Florical capsules (500 count) are intended to be taken once per day, or as recommended by your doctor or nutritionist. Your doctor may perform tests to determine your current levels of calcium and fluoride before recommending Florical.

Those who are under 12 years of age, pregnant, or nursing should not take this dietary supplement. Many individuals have taken Florical for years under a doctor’s guidance, and it is considered a safe and effective fluoride/calcium supplement.

Florical From Mericon Industries

Mericon Industries is a US company founded in 1951, dedicated to providing safe and pure supplements to businesses and individuals nationwide. Located in Peoria, IL, our family-owned company operates from a 20,000-square-foot facility constructed specifically for supplement manufacturing in 1984.

We strive to provide our clients with safe, high quality dietary and health supplements at fair prices. Following strict quality control standards and using the latest manufacturing technology, we have built a reputation for integrity in the industry. With hundreds of products in one place, you can shop for all your dietary supplements in our secure online store.

We also supply products and supplements for research centers and actively support ongoing studies to expand the use of dietary and nutritional supplements. You can order Florical capsules now, or contact us for answers to questions you may have about any of our products.


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Computerized Data from Cause Clinic

on NaF Therapy for Cochlear Otospongiosis

Daily Dose,



of Rx/ yr

Total Cases Hearing improved

% (10db or more)




Hearing Worse,

% (10db or more)

Stapedial Fixation With Sensorineural Progression


1-4 212 1.06 86.79 11.79


1 59 5.08 88.13 6.77

Pure Cochlear Otospongiosis


1-4 325 8.61 82.46 8.92


1 34 8.82 85.29 5.88


Since 25% of otospongiosis with sensorineural loss stabilizes spontaneously, the percentage due to NaF therapy should be reduced by 25%.


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